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It can be taxing, shopping around, trying to determine which contractor will deliver the best work for your money. There is a lot of information out there, and who has that kind of time?
To make it easy for you, here are the 10 Reasons Why you should contact the highly-trained professionals at ProCraft Exteriors for your exterior remodel.

Years of Experience

Our years of experience make us a trusted roofing contractor for homeowners and businesses alike. That experience drives every recommendation we make to our customers and you can have confidence that the recommendations we make for your roof are based on real results we’ve achieved on behalf of our former customers.

Quality Workmanship

While searching the internet for contractors will deliver countless results, not all of these contractors deliver the same results to you. While others in the industry try to cut corners, promising faster work and cheaper estimates, it’s the customer who gets hurt in the end. We don’t work like that at ProCraft Exteriors. If our estimate is more expensive or we say we need to take a little extra time, we’ll talk to you about it and why these decisions will benefit your home in the years to come.

Better Materials

There are a lot of cheap and poor-quality materials out there on the market, pushed by less-reputable contractors. At ProCraft Exteriors, we work with manufacturers who produce some of the best materials available, such as GAF and Mule Hide – to name just two. Because it doesn’t matter how well your exterior is installed if you’re not working with a product you can rely on.

Licensed & Certified

So you know that we’re reliable contractors performing work you can trust, ProCraft Exteriors maintains all proper state licensing, as well as numerous other certifications and accreditations. One of the most noteworthy is our membership in the National Roofing Contractors Association. The NRCA is one of the industry’s most respected trade associations, an authority in roofing across the United States.

Exceptional Customer Service

Anyone can put on a smile and call it “customer service.” At ProCraft Exteriors, we develop partnerships with our customers, making certain that you don’t feel alone when making important decisions. We believe in acting as a guide to homeowners, learning about your needs and answering any questions you might have about exterior remodeling. We want to empower you to make decisions that are informed and right for your family.

Experts in Insurance Restoration

ProCraft Exteriors is well-versed in the world of insurance restoration, working closely with insurance providers to help our customers file their insurance claims. Our team will work closely with agents and adjustors to help homeowners get the payment they need to afford a new exterior remodel after a storm.


Just as ProCraft feels responsible to our customers, we too feel responsible to our planet. That is why ProCraft Exteriors practices reduce, reuse, recycle on all our jobs. If we can recycle material and keep it out of the landfill – whether it’s shingles, nails, aluminum siding, what-have-you – our contractors are committed to reducing waste. At ProCraft Exteriors, we also help guide all of our homeowners towards eco-friendly roofing and siding, so they can save energy (and money) in both heating and cooling.

Our No Leak Guarantee

If you’ve had a roof installed by ProCraft Exteriors, you can feel confident in the work we put into your home. How confident? We offer a 10 year, no leak guarantee on every one of our roofing installations, so you can rest easy, knowing that the job was done right and that your roof will be reliable for years to come.

And what happens, on the off chance that a leak does develop? Don’t sweat it! Give your ProCraft contractor a call and he’ll come out to resolve the issue at no additional charge to you.

Better for Your Budget

Not sure how you’re going to afford a new roof? That’s how many homeowners feel, especially when the need for that new roof is unexpected. We understand the stress that can come with making a big purchase, which is why we help offer financing to all homeowners who qualify. Whether you’re looking for a plan with 0% interest, no initial payment, or no repayment penalties, we’re certain that we have a financing plan to meet your budget.

A Commitment to Safety

Whether we’re on the roof of your home or working on the side of your commercial property, ProCraft Exteriors is committed to safety. We care about the health of each of our contractors, going above and beyond the standards set by OSHA. Accidents are bad for our contractors and they’re bad for your installation, causing delays and other difficulties, and that is why do everything in our power to stay safe when installing your new exterior. It’s better for everyone involved!

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