Why Us Insurance

If we’ve already inspected your roof and provided you with our free estimate, recommending a new roofing system, what do you do if your insurance provider is only willing to buy part of the roof or feels that your roof only needs to be repaired? Tell your ProCraft roofing contractor and we can work with your insurance team, showing them the damages that we found and explaining to them why a new roofing system is better for you, the customer, and for preventing claims from being filed in the future.

Or what if your insurance provider has agreed to pay for your new roof but their pricing isn’t matching up to the estimate provided to you by ProCraft? Don’t be too surprised, as this can happen. Adjustors work using pricing that they’ve downloaded, based on your ZIP code and what has been determined the necessary cost in your area. But pricing sheets are impersonal and don’t take into account the specific needs of each home. We can help talk to your insurance provider and get those additional costs approved, opening you to filing what is called a “supplement.” This supplement is simply a list of costs that go above that initial payment, which your insurance provider can then approve.

Whatever steps might be involved with filing a claim through your insurance, it’s no problem with guidance from ProCraft Exteriors. Talk to anyone on our team about your insurance restoration needs and we’ll do everything we can to make it as painless a process as possible.

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