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ProCraft Exteriors is an experienced Jacksonville, Marco Island, and St Louis storm damage contractor. Having your home or business damaged in a storm can be stressful and traumatic to you and your family. The way a storm can disrupt your daily routine and bring your life screeching to a halt is more stress than anyone needs in a lifetime. So when you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, you deserve to work with a storm damage specialist who will take some of that burden off of your shoulders, restoring not only your property but your peace of mind.

hailHas hail left the roof of your commercial property torn up and leaking water? Don’t worry! ProCraft Exteriors can deploy a contractor to examine the damage and put things right again. Has the wind ripped the siding off your once-beautiful home and left you feeling exposed? Call your highly-trained ProCraft contractor, so you can feel protected from the elements once again. If you need help getting your life back on track after a severe storm, let us lend our expertise. Call ProCraft Exteriors at 1-888-9-THE-PRO (1-888-984-3776) and we’ll offer the direction you need to get your home or business restored to its proper state.

At ProCraft Exteriors, we take a personal approach to talking with our customers. With some of your less reputable contractors, they’re all business. They not concerned about you or your property; their only goal is to rush through the project, cash your check, and move onto the next storm-damaged property. It’s a business of quantity over quality that we don’t ascribe to or respect. At ProCraft, we take more of a holistic approach, taking time to build a partnership with our customers, as to make sure that their questions are being answered and their needs are being met. We understand that when your home or business is in disarray, you’re going to have questions. That’s okay! We want you to be as involved in the process as possible, never feeling confused or left out.

While we have a process for tackling storm damage, developed from years of experience in storm damage restoration, we strive to make sure that our process is as custom to each individual project as possible.

We’re not trying to cram your property into our process but rather mold our process around your damage, ensuring that we give your home or business the exact attention and care that it deserves. Because this isn’t just a project, it’s your life.

The first step of our process is to visit your property. This gives us a chance to meet you in person, but also the ability to assess your structure for damages. Whether roof, siding, gutters, or all of the above, ProCraft Exteriors will do a full inspection and make a detailed report of what we find. This allows us to understand the full scope of the damages, so we can provide you with an estimate, free of charge. We provide you with this estimate for free because we believe that it’s better to give you, and all of our customers, the freedom to choose what’s best for you, confident that once you talk with one of our highly-trained contractors, you will choose the exceptional experience of ProCraft Exteriors.

At ProCraft Exteriors, we measure our success not only by the quality of our restorations but by the satisfaction of our customers, as well. It’s important to us that when a project is done, we’re not the only ones who are proud of our work. You should be, too! It’s this focus on customer service that we feel sets us apart from many of our other competitors.

ProCraft Exteriors is one of the most successful insurance restoration companies in the entire Midwest, with a specialty in both hail and wind damage. We’ve seen it all, the terrible damage that Mother Nature’s more severe elements can do to your asphalt shingles, wood shake, aluminum siding, and other vulnerables areas of your home.

While some damage is obvious, visible from the ground with a naked eye, other damage is trickier to identify and can require the eye of a specialist.

While this damage might not be noticeable at first, seeming benign from a distance, it can end up causing a great deal of damage to your property down the road – as well as a great deal of additional stress.

Take hail for example: hail can leave aluminum roofing or siding badly dinged and dented, immediately drawing the attention of the property owner. But some hail damage can be more subtle, knocking protective granulars off of your asphalt roofing. “What are a few granulars?”, you might ask yourself, quietly. But these granulars can have a huge impact in the preservation of your roofing system, protecting it against wind, rain, and UV light. Without this thin layer of protection on each shingle, the life of your roof can decrease considerably. Suddenly the damage that you couldn’t even see has compromised your 30 year roofing system. This can manifest as cracked or crumbling shingles or as unwanted leaks.

siding damageWith wind damage, similar issues can arise. While having entire tiles ripped from your roof might be a very visible issue, sometimes tears or separation can cause problems for both roofing and siding, allowing rain or humidity underneath your protective layers. This moisture may be small at first but can develop into mold, separating seams, and warped wood as time goes on. These are much more serious problems that could have been prevented if caught early, right after the initial damage occurred.

The problems that can develop from storm damage can reveal themselves immediately (which is the best outcome) or be delayed as far out as 5 years into the future. The sooner you have the damages properly assessed by a storm restoration expert, the easier it will be for you to file a claim through your property owner’s insurance. That’s why, if you’ve experienced a recent hail or windstorm, it can be worthwhile to have a contractor from ProCraft examine your roof for free, so you’re not paying for larger damages later down the line – and out-of-pocket.

Need help filing an insurance claim? We can help with that also, as ProCraft Exteriors is considered to be an insurance restoration expert. Your first step is simply giving us a call at 1-888-984-3776 and we’ll walk you through the process from there. Once you’ve filed a claim, your agent will come out to your home, or possibly send an independent adjuster, to assess your property for damage much like we’ll have done. The only difference is that many times, as good as they might be with knowing policy, insurance agents (and their adjusters) don’t have the same kind of experience with restoration that we do. Should they come out and assess the storm damage differently than we have, maybe suggesting less work needs to be done, let us know. We’d be happy to be present when they do their assessment or during a re-inspection, so we can help them to understand what we’re seeing that they might be missing. It could be that your adjustor was simply trying to be conservative in their estimate but it could also be that they didn’t quite know what they were looking at. Either way, ProCraft Exteriors is happy to help.

If your insurance provider agrees with us on the action that needs to be taken, but not on how much it should cost, ProCraft can also work with your adjustor to explain to them where we’re getting our numbers. For many adjustors, they’re downloading price lists that don’t necessarily always meet up with the actual costs of a project. Your contractor can help them see the necessity of what you’re asking to have covered and, so long as the adjustor agrees that this is reasonable, you can file what is know as a “supplement.” Filing a supplement is a great way to make sure that your insurance company pays you for the full cost of your restoration project and not just for what they believe it should cost.

So if you’ve just suffered damage to your property, whether residential or commerical, don’t wait! Let the experienced contractors at ProCraft Exteriors provide you with a feeling of certainty that, no matter the status of your building after a storm, your property will be as good as new in no time flat. That is what we deliver at ProCraft Exteriors: not just quality service but quality assurance. It’s why we offer a 10-year, no leak guarantee on all of our new roofing installations. We want our customers to know that ProCraft Exteriors is there to help them weather any storm, today or in the many years to come. All they have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. The experts at ProCraft Exteriors will be there to help them with whatever exterior solutions their property might demand.

Give the storm damage specialists a call at 1-888-9-THE-PRO (1-888-984-3776). The sooner you call ProCraft Exteriors, the faster we can revive your property and restore your like.

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