Residential Metal Roofing

ProCraft Exteriors is an experienced Jacksonville, Marco Island, and St Louis residential metal roofing contractor. There are many reasons to explore metal roofing, considering the superior protection it can provide for your home or shed. With 20+ years experience as a roofing contractor, ProCraft Exteriors can guide you through the Pros and Cons of metal roofing, so you can decide whether this roofing solution is the one that will serve you best. Below are a few pieces of information that can act as a primer to metal roofing but know that ProCraft is more than willing to set up a time where we can delve deeper into understanding your needs and teach you everything you need to know about metal roofs.

When you reach out to ProCraft Exteriors, one of the first things that our contractors will talk to you about is the application of your roofing. Where will it be installed and what do you need from it? Metal roofing has a few different uses, so our contractors learn about what needs you have for a metal roof and explain to you the benefits and challenges associated with this product. It goes without saying but if you’re getting a metal roof on your shed, there will be a different sets of applicable benefits and challenges than if you’re looking for metal as a roofing solution for your home.

One of the benefits of metal roofing is its longevity. Not only does ProCraft Exteriors provide a 10 year, no leak guarantee on all of our roofing installations, many metal roofing manufacturers provide a warranty that offers coverage from anywhere from 30 to 50 years. While metal roofing can be kind of expensive when you’re first getting it installed, the longevity is a factor for considering this type of roof an investment rather than a cost. Of course this is totally up to you and what you can afford, but if cost is one of the reasons you’re hesitant about investing in this material, remember that ProCraft Exteriors offers a variety of payment plans, so you can focus on getting the right roof for your home rather than simply choosing the cheapest.

The longevity of metal roofing is a testament to the many weather conditions that it can resist and endure. One such condition is that of rain or snow. If you live anywhere in the United States, you’re going to experience one of these two elements. Here is where metal roofing shines. Because of its hard and slick surface, as well as the way the panels interlock to create tracks, metal roofing quickly and easily sheds water, keeping rain or snow from sticking and creating problems additional problem down the road. While it’s not impossible, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for ice dams to form when it’s quickly repelled from the roof of your home.

Another threat that metal roofing can protect you from is the threat of fire. There are things that can land on your roof and cause a house fire – whether it’s a 4th of July firework or a spark from a neighbor’s backyard bonfire – but that’s no concern to homeowners with metal roofs, as they are non-combustible. What a relief! Of course, that is only if the fire is coming from outside the home. Should the fire start from within your home, the strength of a metal roof can make it more challenging for firefighters to break through and extinguish the fire beneath. This is something for you to consider when deciding on whether metal is right for them. For those who are simply seeking a metal roof for their shed, the protection of a metal roof might be much greater than any additional challenge it could cause, since it’s much more likely that a fire will start inside your home.

Another benefit to this roofing solution is their ease of installation. Metal roofs come in panels or in shingle sections, which our skilled ProCraft contractors can install in no time flat compared to other roofing systems. Metal is a lightweight material, compared to something heavier like slate, so there shouldn’t be the need to install any additional, structural supports. This alone can reduce the time of installation. Additionally, some metal roofs can be applied directly on top of your current roofing system. If this is true for your home, contractors won’t need to take as many steps to prepare for installation. Time is money with any job such as this, so the less time it takes our team to install your metal roof, the more money you will save.

Every Summer seems to be hotter than the last. With metal roofing, you can stay cool all summer long! Metal roofs are also one of the better solutions for protecting homes against the heat of the sun’s rays, reflecting them back rather than absorbing them. Of course, the metal itself does not act as much of an insulator, so many metal roofing solutions use a layer of air to insulate between the panel and the deck below, which does aid in energy efficiency.

Of course, as with anything in life, there are downsides to having a metal roof. The team at ProCraft Exteriors can help any questions you might have, addressing any of your concerns, but these are a few of those you might want to expect.

One of the downsides that homeowners might encounter is noise. There is something about sitting inside on a rainy day, hearing the gentle tinkle on your metal roof that can be infinitely soothing. If you’re you’re someone who is sensitive to noise, on the other hand, it can be one of the most irritating experiences. This is something you’ll need to do some self-reflection on before buying metal. There are different methods of dampening the sound of weather on your metal roof, which our team will be happy to speak with you about, but if noise is something you’re particularly bothered by, it might be worth choosing an alternative roofing solution.

Another downside is an obvious one considering the material, but having a metal roof can mean that a large hail storm will leave dings and dents across the roof of your home. Metal roofs can also be dented as contractors or other maintenance people walk across the roof, so you’ll want to make sure that you hire those who will show care when doing so. Of course, the likelihood of denting will largely be determined by the type of metal roof you opt for, with materials like aluminum and copper being much softer metals than something like steel. Some metal roofs are even guaranteed not to dent, so it can be worth your time to sit down with someone from the ProCraft Exteriors team and discuss which metal roofing solution they might recommend from your home.

One more thing you will want to consider when installing a metal roof is whether it is properly grounded. Any experienced contractor, such as those at ProCraft Exteriors, will ask you about this feature and be certain that it is done properly. Metal roofing, like all metal, is a perfect conductor for electricity, leaving it vulnerable to a lightning strike. Metal roofing is not necessarily more likely to be struck by lightning than other roofs, but it is a possibility the higher anything is to the sky – whether it’s a lamp post, a tree, or your roof. If you feel like you’d prefer to play it safe, our team will happily see to it that your roof is grounded in the safest way possible.

Last but not least, metal roofing does require some level of maintenance. Not much but some. Typically this amounts to spraying your roof off with a hose, in order to remove dirt or debris, but the degree of care necessary will largely depend on the type of metal roof that you need. Painted metal roofs are going to be much more prone to peeling or chipping, while this will not be an issue with galvanized steel. The differences in maintenance or care might be something worth exploring with a professional from ProCraft Exteriors, so you can find a roof that will meet your willingness to care for it. Of course many manufacturers provide a warranty for any major issues that might arise and, as mentioned before, any leaks will be covered by ProCraft Exteriors for up to 10 years.

Still not sure if metal is right for your needs? Not a problem. We don’t expect you to know everything about roofing – that’s our job! Finding the right roof for you is something we can do together. Reach out to the experts at ProCraft Exteriors and we’ll work in partnership with you, providing a full assessment and free estimate, along with any recommendations you might find useful. Our goal isn’t to sell you on a roof, it’s to empower you, so you can make an informed decision on a roofing solution you can feel good about. That’s the difference between ProCraft Exteriors and our competition and it’s what we believe helps us to stand out as a leader in metal roofing.

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