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ProCraft Exteriors is an experienced Jacksonville, Marco Island, and St Louis architectural roofing contractor. Asphalt shingles are some of the most commonly used in America, being a roofing solution that can be both affordable and easy to install. If you look at a roof, more often than not, it will be made of asphalt. They are a classic! But what if you don’t want what’s standard? What if you want your home to leave a lasting first impression, turning the heads of everyone who sees it, while still providing exceptional protection? For those homeowners who are looking to elevate their roof in both form and function, architectural roofing is a great choice for your home and the expert roofing contractors at Procraft Exteriors are here to help!

Architectural roofing shingles (sometimes referred to as Dimensional or Laminated shingles) are still a type of asphalt roof, but unlike their cheaper, plainer-looking cousins, architectural shingles are asphalt with a twist. This style of the shingle creates the optical illusion of three-dimensions, due to two layers being bonded together. One layer casts a shadow on the other, giving them an eye-catching effect. Architectural roofing is also a great alternative for homeowners who enjoy the look and feel of wood shake but aren’t interested in the level of maintenance that wood demands. While architectural shingles will still give your roof dimension, it won’t be prone to the mold, rot, or insects that might be drawn to wood. In this way, architectural roofing has all of the benefits of wood shake with none of its weaknesses.

Architectural shingles first found popularity in the 1970s among homeowners who wanted a more natural-looking shingle but with the same benefits of asphalt roofing. While some of the more questionable styles of the era have faded away (we’re looking at you, shag carpet), architectural shingles have proven their value time and time again. Their unbeatable appearance and high performance are the reason their popularity has only continued to rise over the last several decades. And because of this increase in demand, architectural roofing has become one of the most accessible options available in the United States. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors and styles, making them a good fit for many different aesthetics and colors of home, so you can be certain that you will find the exact shingle to match your home and make your roof pop.

Architectural shingles can work on almost any roof and any style of pitch, while doing an exceptional job at hiding roofing imperfections. This can especially problematic with older homes, which have have settled or worn a bit with time. So if you’re tired of having the beauty of your home dulled by a difficult roof, architectural shingles are going to do wonders at masking those problem areas and instead help your roof stand out for all the right reasons. It’s like a facelift for your home!

Architectural shingles are substantial, multi-layer shingles, and while they are heavier than your typical 3-tab shingle, they’re also not as heavy as other premium roofing systems such as slate. This means that you don’t need to be concerned about whether your home can support them without the additional reinforcements that must be built beneath many of the other, heavier roofing solutions. If your house has one of these heavier roofing systems currently, it might actually be a benefit to know you can lighten the load on your home without sacrificing quality protection.

Due to the same hardier construction that gives architectural shingles their unique appearance, architectural shingles can withstand a great deal of wear-and-tear from the elements. Architectural shingles have been known to survive winds up to 120 mph, which is twice the strength of standard shingles, which can, at best, withstand speeds of 60 mph. They are also less likely to warp after years of rain and humidity. This makes them a smart choice for homeowners who live in areas where severe or unrelenting weather can be expected, or those who simply want to replace their roof less frequently.

One of the greatest, functional benefits of the architectural shingle is its longevity. It is not uncommon for this type of shingle to last anywhere between 25 – 30 years, with some manufacturers offering warranties for 50 years or more. For many homeowners, this can mean a lifetime’s worth of protection. As a ProCraft Exteriors customer, you also get another protection: that of our 10 year, no leak guarantee. Because we care about delivering the best service possible to homeowners, we warranty all of our roofing projects. It’s our promise to you, so you can feel confident that we did our job right the first time.

Because of the tougher build of architectural shingles and the additional material required to construct them, they tend to be one of the most expensive roofing solutions when compared to other, entry-level styles. Some architectural shingles can cost anywhere between 20-30% more than traditional, 3-tab asphalt. But when upgrading to a premium roofing solution such as this, the focus is not usually on the dollar-per-shingle cost but on the way these shingles can amplify the aesthetic of a home. Architectural roofing is an investment in this way, offering lasting protection to your home while also giving it additional beauty that will increase resale value and make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

Not quite ready to upgrade to this premium option? Let us know why. At ProCraft Exteriors, we pride ourselves in the way we build partnerships with our customers. We don’t want to just want to come out, do our job, and split. That’s what many less reputable contractors will do, moving from project to project, with only money in mind. At ProCraft, we take a more personal approach. Our goal is that you can use ProCraft as your trusted roofing resource, coming to us whenever you have questions about your roof or need help overcoming roofing challenges. So if you’re on the fence about architectural roofing, tell us about it. We’re not here to sell you on a roofing solution you’re not ready for. We’re here to help you find the best roofing solution for your home, your budget, and for keeping your family dry.

If cost is what’s holding you back from choosing architectural shingles, there a variety of ways that we can help you to ease that feeling of financial burden. One of the first and most common ways of tackling the cost of a new roof is by filing a claim through your homeowner’s insurance. This is most applicable to those who have a leak or may have suffered damage in a recent storm. By filing a claim through your insurance provider, you may be left with little or no out-of-pocket cost. What a relief that would be! If you do decide to file a claim and your insurance provider seems hesitant that a new roof is necessary, after your ProCraft contractor has already determined that this is the best solution for your, don’t stress out just yet. Let us talk to your agent (or whichever independent adjustor they might work with) and we can walk them through our assessment process and how we reached the conclusion that a new roof is best. We’ll even take your agent or adjuster up on your roof if we feel that it can improve your chances of getting the roof you need.

Maybe your insurance provider agrees that a new roof is necessary but the money they’re willing to pay won’t cover the costs. This is often due to providers using impersonal pricing sheets to determine how much each type of repair and re-roofing should cost. At ProCraft, we treat each residential roofing project individually, working our free estimate around the unique assessment of each project. So while your insurance agent might have a cost that is typical of such a project, ours might be different because it’s personalized to your needs. If this is the case, we will again be happy to speak with your agent and explain to them why we’ve reached different conclusions in the scope and cost of a project.

Of course, if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the full cost, or if your roofing project isn’t covered by insurance at all, ProCraft Exteriors is still happy to work with you to make your roofing project more amenable to your budget. We offer a variety of financing plans that can help with just that, by breaking down your out-of-pocket cost over a series of months. Some of our plans also include 0% interest, no initial payment, or no prepayment penalty fee. All are subject to credit approval but can serve as a great way of spreading out the cost and making it easier for you to manage.

At ProCraft Exteriors, we want all of our customers to feel proud of their homes and roofing plays a big part of that. Not everyone is going to be interested in architectural roofing and that’s okay! But we want to make sure that your choice is because of taste and personal preference, not because there is a challenge that we could otherwise help you overcome.

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