Residential Roofing

ProCraft Exteriors is an experienced Jacksonville, Marco Island, and St Louis residential roofing contractor. Along with food and clean water, having a roof over your head is one of our basic human needs. Roofs shield us from the harsher of nature’s elements and help to make sure that we, and our families, are both comfortable and safe. That’s why, as professional roofing contractors, ProCraft Exteriors, views it as our responsibility to ensure that your needs are met. Because as a family-owned business, we understand the importance of knowing your family is safe. It’s why we got into the business of residential roofing and it’s why we take our jobs as seriously as we do.

Getting a new roof installed on your house can be a daunting task, with a lot of different options to consider. Do I go with shingles or shake? Do I need gutters and new siding to match? How am I going to pay for this? Whatever you decide, ProCraft Exteriors wants to be a part of that decision. We want to personalize our process and for our process to be personal. We want to develop a partnership with each of our customers, so they can make informed decisions and feel confident about the installation experience.

Did you just suffer damage from a severe storm, leaving you with missing tiles and the stress of a leaky roof? ProCraft Exteriors will perform a thorough assessment and develop an action plan to prevent any further damage to your property. Are you exhausted by a heating and cooling bill that seems to endlessly get more expensive every season? ProCraft Exteriors can teach you about how a new, economical roof can leave your home better insulated and save you money each month.

Whether you’ve experienced weather-related damages or are just looking for an upgrade to your roof, ProCraft Exteriors is there to assist you in finding the perfect roofing solution. Our assortment of roofing options come with many different benefits, from protection against the harshest of rains and snows, to helping you save money on your heating and air conditioning costs. A new roof is a big investment but it is one that will pay off in numerous ways throughout your lifetime.

If you have concerns about how you can afford a new roof, we understand the anxiety a purchase this large can cause a homeowner and are here to help you to teach you about the roofing process and how these costs can be covered. One of the most common ways our customers cover the costs of a new roof is by filing a claim through their homeowner’s insurance. Many types of damage are covered by insurance policies, greatly reducing the out-of-pocket cost to our customers. Our team frequently works with insurance providers and are happy to answer any questions you might have about this process.

If insurance does not cover the costs or if the remaining total is still more than you can afford, ProCraft Exteriors offers financing to make payment a manageable and stress-free. Needing a new roof can be stress enough, which is why we have a wide array of payment plans. We will sit down with you and and help you to determine which plan might serve you best, where it’s a plan with 0% interest, no initial payment, or no prepayment penalty. Talk to us about what you think you can afford each month and ProCraft Exteriors will work with you to find that plan that will take the burden off your shoulders.

If you’re as picky as we are about roofing, you’re probably going to want to see every option available to you. We understand that. We get that you don’t just want anything on your house. You want the one that’s feel right to you. That’s the difference between a house and a home, these kinds of choices. ProCraft Exteriors offers a variety of leading tile and shingle options for you to choose from. Made from the highest quality of roofing technology, our tiles come in a variety of styles and colors while also providing you with lasting protection against Mother Nature. From stone-coated steel to wood shake, ProCraft Exteriors will go over each variant, talking through the Pros and Cons of each, so you can come to a decision that gets you excited about owning a new roof.

The process begins with a visit to your home. One of our licensed contractors will walk your roof to assess any damage or natural wear that might cause problems. Something we’re known for at ProCraft is being thorough, performing the most accurate assessment possible. Using what they have discovered up above, we’ll then translate that into an estimate. This estimate is completely free to you, whether you choose to go with us our not. We’re there to empower you, not pressure you into a decision. If you go with someone else, we understand, but we feel confident that once you talk to us, you’ll see what makes us unique. It’s the difference of working with a company of highly-skilled professionals, who also strive to maintain the personal feel only a family-owned business can provide. It’s why so many people choose ProCraft Exteriors and we think you will too.

Once you have decided to work with us, one of our ProCraft contractors will help guide you through all our selection of shingles and tiles, while the rest of our team prepares your home for installation. We want to respect your home, so we take a series of measures to protect your house and lawn from the install process. This involves draping a tarp down the side of your home and safely removing anything from your yard that could be in the way of debris. Your property is valuable to you and we want to treat it as such.

When preparation is complete, our contractors begin by removing all of your old roofing. We start at the ridges and make our way across the roof, tossing all used materials onto the tarp below. This makes for easy clean-up throughout the residential roofing process, so we can leave your property as clean as we found it.

With your old roof gone, our team can begin to get a better sense of what, if any, damage lies beneath the surface. If we find any leaky or rotten boards along the way, we’ll make sure you are aware of these challenges and then take any necessary steps towards replacing them. Our ProCraft team will also inspect your roof for any areas that might be vulnerable to future problems, taking corrective action to prevent leaks or other issues from developing in the future.

Before installing your new tiles or shingles, we will put down a layer of roofing felt and secure it to the plywood. This provides another protection against the elements, especially during the install process, while your roof is most exposed. On top of the roofing felt, our team will begin to draw chalk lines. Drawing chalk lines helps to ensure your new roof is installed evenly, maintaining uniform rows that provide the best coverage from all types of weather.

With the chalk lines set, our contractors will get to work on installation. They will install the roofing solution you chose in consultation with our experts, along with any flashing or vent boots that might be needed to prevent leaks and properly direct water where it’s supposed to go.

Once the installation of your new roof is complete, we remove the tarps and finishing cleaning up your roof and the area surrounding your home. We comb your yard for nails with our roofing magnets and throw all tiles, shingles, and other undesirable debris into the dumpster. We want to be as careful with our clean-up as we were with our installation.

Just because the project is finished doesn’t mean we consider our work to be done. Remember, we consider each partnership with a customer to be on-going. When we’re finished with your installation, we want you to feel comfortable calling us should any problems arise. It’s why ProCraft Exteriors offers a 10-year, no-leak guarantee on all of our roofing services. If your roof develops a leak in 10 years, let us know. We stand by our work and want to know if a problem arises. If a leak develops, we’ll be right there to fix it and make things right.

Need help getting an installation covered by your homeowner’s insurance? Any of our highly-trained contractors can assist you with claims both small and large. Working with insurance companies can be both complicated and stressful, so we’re going to help you navigate through the confusion. We’ll work with your insurance provider and any claims adjusters they might use, showing them any damage they might miss, so you can get the roof you need at the lowest out-of-pocket cost. This isn’t our first rodeo. ProCraft Exteriors has over 20 years of residential roofing experience and we’re going to help you get the best solution for the cost that’s most affordable for you.

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